Inn 2001 Stoke Radio Control Model Car Club moved to Fenton manor with Geoff Moss as the Chairman,

Steve Ball

In 2010 Steve Ball took over as Chairman to prevent the club from closing. When Steve became Chairman the club only had a handful of members barely enough to cover the cost of the rent. With new committee members Duncan Rist (treasurer) Andrew Kilgariff (Secretary) and Adam Mullock (Public Relations) supporting Steve the club started stabilise with more people racing.

The committee invested in a new timing system AMB3 along with supporting the development of the then new race software Alycat. Over time the club started to grow again enticing new members who predominately raced Touring Cars.

During 2010 and 2011 mostly Touring cars raced at the club as buggies had decreased in popularity over the years. 2012 to 2019 saw a vast increase in buggies mostly 2WD, the club started to support a mixed group of racers every club night such as Touring Cars, Buggies 2WD and 4WD, GT12, Micro’s and more recently Lunchbox trucks. With the club now catering for various classes investment was made into professional jumps and obstacles for the Buggies to race over, The committee soon realised that new track layout where required and Scott Cadman was at hand as always creating new track layouts to please everybody.