Cars to be the Mardave Mini Assassin, Kamtec Ministock, BattCave JOK3R, Kamtec Hot Rod 1:12 & Mardave Saloon (carbon editions is allowed)

Body shell to be Lexan (no ABS), windows must remain clear and lights must be different colour to the body shell.

No fins or aerofoil to be fitted but the rear wing can be used.

Only these budget servos permitted, Futaba S-U300, Futaba S3003, Core RC 4012, Core RC 9016 or AGF-RC B25CLS Mini Coreless Servo Hybrid Case 6kg 0.06 sec @6v GT12 12th Mini

Motors form mini to be Core 21T or G2F20 or for Hot Rod Core 21T, G2F20 Kamtec or Satan 20 turn.

The motor may be fitted to either side of the motor pod.

Solid rear axle only (no diffs)

4 cell Nimh VP, EP or Overlander racing pack sub-C size only with a nominal voltage of 1.2 volts per cell, max 5000 mah, (no lipo).

ESC to be either the Mtronics viper oval RS,Mtronics viper oval ultra RS,Mtronics viper autosport tuned 20 or the Ultra circuit HR3.

Spur gear to be 48t and 32DP.

Only 13,14,15,16,17 or 18 tooth pinion.

Z-drive hubs are permitted.

Kingpin brace may be fitted.

Wishbones,suspension and steering to remain as kit supplied (after market turnbuckles may be used).

Mardave option springs may be used.

Spacers can be used under the wishbones for ride height and caster adjustments.

Tyres must be Contact Foams on Mardave fitment wheels.

Fronts to be either JM45FB, JM47FB or JM50FB.

Rears to be either JM32RN, JM35RN or JM37RN.

Body mounts can be changed from the kit supplied ones.

Minimum ground clearance of 3mm to include any protruding screws and 1 mm for spur gear.

Only BRCA approved non-oil based tyre additives allowed.